Terms and Conditions
1. Neetip provides location based services for its users. There will be two types of user classified in Neetip :
TIPPER (user that request the help of other users to buy and carry their goods)
HELPER (user that help the request of other users to buy and carry the goods)
2. Items or goods dealt in the transaction within Neetip application is solely the responsibility of both parties (HELPER & TIPPER).
3. Neetip offers an escrow service for users for the transaction between HELPER and TIPPER to ensure the security in transaction. Transaction between HELPER and TIPPER outside the Neetip escrow system will not be the responsibility of Neetip.
4. Neetip does not provide any delivery like courier or shipping services for any transaction. HELPER and TIPPER required to handle their own delivery and retrieval.
5. To ensure the safety of both HELPER and TIPPER, Neetip strongly suggests that both parties set up a meeting for delivery and retrieval to complete the transaction in crowded places.
6. Any misconduct during delivery and retrieval by HELPER or TIPPER will not be the responsibility of Neetip. Please be careful when meeting new people.
7. Any dispute in the transaction will be investigated by Neetip as long as the transaction is within the Neetip application.
8. Neetip will help in administrate the dispute based on the confirmation form when the offer is made and accepted.
9. Transaction dealt that require the goods to be carry to or from overseas are subject to customs and it is strongly advised that HELPER and TIPPER agreed on this matter while negotiating.
10. The law regarding what type of goods can be carry in or out of each country or city is different, please make sure both HELPER and TIPPER know these rules before they deal.
11. Neetip use the location of its user only the location service is being turn on. Hence no location data is collected if you turn off the location service of your smart phone.
12. Neetip give the access to its user in locating the location of other users. You acknowledge this service as part of Neetip and we will not held responsible for events occurred caused by the locations you are exposed to.
13. Users hold all responsibility for any misuse of this Neetip service. And we will cooperate fully with authorities for any misconduct during the use of our system.