Frequently Asked Question

What is Neetip?

Neetip is a location based peer-to-peer application for users to get connected and help each other in buying things they want from anywhere they want by tipping the helper.

Who is Neetip?

Neetip is an Indonesian company that tries to accommodate shoppers anywhere in the world to bypass the restriction in shipping and getting the items they want.

Why Neetip?

Neetip offers users to locate any users in real-time environment, so the request are faster in getting helped with. Also Neetip offers escrow service for its users so they can have a secure environment to deal with other users within the Neetip application to fulfill their needs.

What is escrow service?

Escrow service by Neetip will hold secure the transaction amount so that TIPPERS and HELPERS have a peace in mind that their transaction is safe. It ensures the HELPERS that once the deal is completed they will definitely get paid. Also ensures the TIPPERS that they won't get cheated since the money only released once the deal is completed.

Who is TIPPER?

Users that post their request to get help buying something from somewhere is classified as TIPPER because they will TIP the other user for the effort to help them buy and deliver the goods to them.

Who is HELPER?

Users that help the TIPPER to buy and deliver the goods as dealt is classified as HELPER.

How it works?

Users can be a HELPER or a TIPPER is 3 simple steps we call LCD.
LOCATE users from Neetip menu, input your shopping details and the destination you want the goods to be delivered and users in that specified area will be notified of your request.
CONNECT with users once they accept your details in the specific region and chat with them regarding the price, the tips and other details. So you can make deposit to our escrow system.
DEAL with them with our confirmation form once you have deposited, so they know you have already paid for the goods and service and once you accept their offer, they are on their way.
LOCATE request from Gettip menu, browse other user requests and once you found requests that you can help, you can get in touch with the TIPPER immediately.
CONNECT with the TIPPER and negotiate the tips for your help and the details of the products they need to get helped buying. Make sure you are fully capable of handling the request.
DEAL with them by sending them offer with confirmation form, and rest assured the amount you have confirmed is already secured in the system. Once the goods delivered, the money will be credited to your Neetip credit and you can withdraw it.

Any fee for the service offered by NEETIP?

Yes, we charged a service fee for every transaction from the TIPPER, for 3%+IDR 20,000 from the total price including tips. And for withdrawal, the service fee is free, but we charge according to the bank transfer fee.

What if the deal gone bad in the process?

Once the confirmation form is accepted by both HELPER and TIPPER, we will treat it as a contract by both party involved in the transaction. We will help to administrate any dispute based on the confirmation form agreed by both parties.

What are the goods or items we can request?

The type of goods or items you can request is limited only to your imagination. You can request to buy anything from anywhere, but keep in mind that we held no responsibility in whatever goods or items you request. And of course it is by agreement of the helper whether or not they are willing to help you buy it.

How safe is the transaction?

Neetip is a listed company in Indonesia under PT Neetip Global Indonesia. Rest assured we are held responsible for every deposit made to us.

What is review?

It is a function that help TIPPER to rate the HELPER for transaction they have made. Feel free to drop a few lines to express how you feel about their service.

How to access the chat room?

We believe every transaction is privacy. You can access the chat room with the users that have connected with you from the activity log. Chat room only accessible when you have an Open dealing with the connected users.

How to make deposit?

For BCA deposit
Please check the Credit menu and transfer the amount to the account stated. And confirm to us within the credit menu to get your deposit credited into you Neetip account.
For Paypal deposit
Please check the Credit menu and choose Paypal and follow the instructions.

How to make withdrawal?

Go to credit menu, click on the withdraw button and input your details. The withdrawal process will take place every morning on working hours.