How To Distinguish Between Genuine and Fake Perfumes, Must Know!

Perfume. Who doesn’t love perfume? Everyone loves perfume, are you one of them? Or do you ever think who invented perfume in the world? The first chemist in the world named Tapputi, a perfume inventor who was mentioned in a Cuneiform from the 2nd millennium BCE in Mesopotamia.

Until now, many companies are making different types of perfumes for sale. Every company in different countries are producing perfume with high quality which is exported to other countries including in Indonesia. Perfume with the highest quality in the world comes from Grasse, France. No wonder if France become a country that’s famous for its luxuries goods, such as perfumes, wines, and fashion.

But do you know how to distinguish between genuine and fake perfume?  We have tips for you to avoid being fooled by the perfume seller..

1. Check The Box

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Original perfumes always sealed and packaged using original box. Although the tester, there should be still boxes contained the words “TESTER” , “NOT FOR SALE”,  or “DEMONSTRATION” in boxes and bottles. The box also must have a same batch number with the bottle. While if the fake perfumes doesn’t use a box, just use the wrapper. Although using a box, the design certainly looks rough and the box or perfume bottle are not good. Because every perfume, either tester or product packaging always use a protective box. Why is the perfume should always use box either original or tester perfume ??? This’s because the perfume be included a category of Dangerous goods so it has a Standard Packaging.

2. Check The Bottle

bottle, container, glassSumber:

The original perfume must have a good conditions bottle. No scratches on the body spray bottle and its cap is must be still tight. The batch number on the bottom of the bottle with batch numbers that exist in the box should be the same number. So please check the batch number before you buy. Sticker label on the bottle of perfume must be in good shape and not peeling. While the fake perfumes are signs of scarring on the body of the bottle or the bottle cap had come loose. The batch number on the bottom of the bottle and the carton are not same. And don’t have any sticker label on perfume, even if any certainly would have been no good condition.

3. Try It On Your Skin

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The perfume original if sprayed on your hand doesn’t cause heartburn and not quickly dry. You can try spray into the air a bit numerous times at intervals of about 2 minutes in a car that has air conditioning a bit cold, if it original perfume so its scent won’t be changed. While the fake perfume if sprayed on your hand, will feel hot because the content is too much alcohol and perfume dries quickly. Try spray it on your skin and when it evaporates, the scent will change and smells weird.

4. Check The Liquid of Perfume


In the liquid of original perfume sure have no any little dirt or any sediment in the bottle. The perfume liquid looks clean and clear. Meanwhile, fake perfume has a dirty liquid and unclear.

Another suggestion is make sure you buy perfume at authorized outlets as assured of quality. Ok… That’s some way to distinguish between genuine and fake perfumes. Be a smart buyer for any item and always check the authenticity of a product. If you want the perfume of authorized outlets but only located abroad, you can peer-to-peer to the Neetip app users who are in these locations. Download the first application in PlayStore or App Store  .Want to buy anything and from anywhere? Neetip is the solution




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