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NEETIP is a location based peer-to-peer application for users to get connected and help each other in buying things they want from anywhere they want by tipping helper.
Neetip is taken from Indonesian word “Titip” and we also usually pronounce it “Nitip” sometimes in a more casual way. It is a word that is so commonly used in our everyday conversation that sometimes we forgot how important this word is. There is no exact translation in English as far as we know it, but several terms that came close are “Entrusted to” and “To help with”. We usually use “Neetip” to ask a friend or relative some favors or to entrust some tasks to them. If you visit Indonesia, you will probably hear this word everywhere you go.
Neetip logo is round, with a symbolic 2 hands forming the letter N. The two hands represent Neetip very well, since it will take 2 persons to make this act of Neetip happens. The two hands also remind us that we need to help each other by “giving a hand” to the people in need. Neetip is not just about shopping. Neetip is about requesting help. Neetip also is not just about earning tips. Neetip is about offering helps.
Red and Yellow hands on a White background. It is commonly known to Indonesian that in our National RED and WHITE flag, the Red means Bravery and Courageous, while White means Pure and Kind. We strongly believe that NEETIP is Indonesian by heart and soul, and we need to brave and courageous enough to start entrusting someone we do not know. Helping others and getting helped by others cannot be done unless you are brave and courageous enough. And we also believe that everyone in this world is pure and kind by nature hence helping others should not be bothered by negative mind.
We know that something is still missing in the above statement. The Yellow in our logo design, is to remind us that we should not keep this act of NEETIP in Indonesia only. We should share it with the whole world just like the SUN shares her warmth and light to all of us. So clearly, our mission is “to share NEETIP to the whole world”.
“The whole world recognized and practiced the act of NEETIP”. Our Goal is simple, but yet very difficult to achieve without the help of our users. Especially Indonesian users since this is who we are, and we are responsible to promote our own cultures to the world.


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